Take tat Thursday

What a week!
In fact, what a month!
Am I right, am I right?
Craziness times ten.
Deadline madness piled on top of life madness. Woof.

On Tuesday I tried ranting my way through it, that didn’t work.

Wednesday I tried laughing my way through it, that worked better.

Anyway so I was messing around whilst laughing my way through it, and I had this idea for a tattoo.

I’m thinking one on each wrist:

Bwahahahhahaaaa. Morbid as hell, but still funny.
Much debate in the office ensued as to whether one should cut across the wrist sideways or longways. Not sure if it’s an urban legend but I heard longways as illustrated above is way more effective.
Phuza Thursday to everyone. May it rain whisky for you.

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