system errors.

when i first started blogging there was this:

(it says: sorry for the incontinence)
in case you missed it and you still wanna see it, the whole story is here:
and then today i was surfing through a local site and i did something, and this happened:

the small print says: “Arg! It’s broken! How’d you break Amatomu?
Oops, you hit a database error. It’s either something we did, or something you did. Yeah, it’s probably your fault.”

i absolutely love it when brands don’t take themselves too seriously, like this. it’s an error message, and you can’t get the shit you need, so you should be irritated, but because they’ve gone and been cool about it, you kind of dig them. even though they’ve actually blamed you… hang on a second!

so i decided to get all computer geeky and go looking for more. here are a few. turns out there are a bunch of geeks all over the internetweb who don’t have girlfriends and probably masturbate a lot, who spend tons of time looking for this shit and loading it up onto their websites.

these ones below aren’t really funny cool ones, they’re the kinds of error messages that when you get them on your computer, they make you go out and drink too much tequila, then sleep with the barman, prang your car and get a tattoo of popeye on your ass:

it says: ‘An error has occured while creating an error report!’

can’t click on the ‘ok’ wahahaha classic, until it happens to you and you kill someone.

and then this isn’t a real computer download message, it just looks like one and i like it.

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