Still on the hamster wheel.

Tis the end of the year.
It’s all downhill from here.

Slowly, slowly things are starting to calm down to a mild panic.

There is just the last of the deadlines to go and then we’ll be free, free to drink, and chill and sleep late and eat and party, and read and and and and… for a couple of days, then it’s back to the hamster wheel.

But before then, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show you something funny.

ffffound here.

But wait, is it real?
is it taxidermied?
who did this?
And I want their job. Where the fuck did they find the time?

Right, back to work, it’s not holidays yet, we can’t all laze around and spend all day making teeny tiny little teddy bears for our pet rodents.


5 responses to “Still on the hamster wheel.”

  1. Definitely a rat (hairless tail) and definitely real – and super trainable! Once had one which used to sit on his cage and catch mosquitoes (did not train him that, he figured it out all by himself 🙂 )

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