Spot the mistake?

Did you spot the naked man in the picture above?
I didn’t see him at first, either.
Neither did the people who put this shot in their clothing catalogue.
Apparently their photographer didn’t go to an online college for photography.
But then once you see that guy in the little red circle of nakedness, it’s as obvious as a penis in your face.

I pulled this story off twitter this morning, thanks to @MelAttree and @LeighAnnMol

Turns out a French mail/male order clothing company, La Redoute had this shot in their latest catalogue.

Here’s a link to the piece on

Is it an intentional plant to drive traffic to the site, or am I just a cynical chick? Hmmmm, one has to wonder. Apparently the memes are rife already… Forrest Gump with naked guy in the background, Man on the moon with naked guy in the background… etc etc.

Either way, planned or unplanned, (and personally, I think it’s planned) I like it.


6 responses to “Spot the mistake?”

  1. You like it? A ‘penis’ in a pic with children? … Jus’ asking :P~~ Didn’t you know that the first rule of [immoral/unethical] SEO is using the words sex, or an X or “naked” [girls] in your keywords? 🙂

    Anyway.. helloooooo Paigela.. I’ve missed your awesome columns (but with no time for reading online, couldn’t read your columns here either.. sigh).. but I’M BACK … Happy New Year dollypop. Lots of love and hugs xxx

  2. Hi Dinxie, i see your point, but the kids don’t look like they noticed it (neither did the photographer/agency/client by the looks of things) they all seem to be having a good old time. No harm, no fowl, right?

    Happy New Year my Dinxie. Hope you had a good one and I’m so glad to see you back. xxx

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