so i won't be moving to klerksdorp after all.

hello ‘justmeonly‘ guy who i spotted on the internetweb dating site. i’m sorry but your narrative makes my head hurt. i copied and pasted it directly below and put it in lilac, so it wouldn’t lose anything in the translation or get muddled up with my words. he describes himself and punctuates exactly as follows:

“,I’m a caring person,,spontanious,mad about laughing,talking,meditating,o yea I can also cook,l won’t say I love it,but also I love it,just lazy braai,and love my GOD much,much,I experience Him first in my life now,someone expecting me,must bear with the fact that she will be second,and I will be third.For some manyyears I journeyd life,all the pleasures,travelled a bit,abroad and local,,saw a lot,some knowledge gained,some wisdom received,but many hurt and pain together with it all,I changed my lifestyle a bit, so much real JOY now,I’m not getting older anymore,just nearer,that’s me,that’s my all!! If you want to know more,just talk,not to somebody else,but to me.

and he describes his ideal woman like this:

“love nature and creation,talking not too much,and must love her GOD”

ok, not to be negative or anything, he does sound like a much,much lovely chap. and in fact it’s almost poetic in an olde english kind of way, but somehow i don’t think he’s the one for me… next!

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  1. I was born in Klerksdorp, but made sure I got the hell out of there asap – probably because my child-brain understood the perils of being surrounded by men like ‘justonlyme’. Oh boy. Run, don’t walk, RUN!

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