smog vs blog

blog = web log.
smog = smut log.

i think currently i’m going through a phase.

let’s call it my blue period.
seems like my settings are just tuned in to smut.

yesterday i had this conversation with my mom: (who is amazing. and i’m not just saying that because she’s going to be reading this. although it can’t harm to flatter, right? specially with xmas round the corner. anyway, i’m digressing terribly.)

my mom: i told xyz about your blog. he’s going to go check it out.
me: thanks mom that’s very cool of you.
my mom: yes, i told him when he reads it he should just pretend we’re not your parents.

when is smut too much smut?
i don’t want to damage your retinas. well, not permanently anyway.

maybe it’s time for a bit more poetry and kittens scattered in between the penises and vaginas.

i bumped into ‘mr canada’ in the elevator yesterday and he feels there’s a little too much smut, although he said he will still keep on coming back. interesting.

hey readers, if you have an opinion on levels of smut that are acceptable here on the old blog, please leave comment. i mean how much penis is too much penis?

oh and have a nice day. (see i can be polite too, not just smutty, i wasn’t raised by wolves you know {yes that was more sucking up to my mom, i’m hoping for a kindle for christmas, you see.}[yes i know i’m jewish and we don’t get xmas gifts, but with enough sucking up, you never know] (oops i’m digressing again){but i kind of got into enjoying all these different brackets.} wait, now i’ve lost track, oh yes, i just need one more of these)

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