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this man is called michael crowe. he lives in the uk. he is very clever. i’ve never met him. but he has a blog that i love. it’s called figcrumbs. he writes poems and does other cool art things. like this one time, he and a friend found a tiny village and mailed every singe resident a hand written letter. they didn’t know any of the people, and every letter was different and unique. not a hundred percent sure why they did it, but i think it was something to do with getting the whole village talking. it’s very cool. you can read all the letters on his website and see his other cool stuff. here:

but that’s not why i’m here. i got distracted. i actually wanted to show you this poem. he wrote it. and i love it. or rather, i yellow cheese it. i emailed to tell him how much i liked it. he emailed back. i felt a bit like a stalker.

you should be able to click on it to make it bigger, but if you can’t (sorry i’m still learning) i’ve retyped it below:

I something you

Every time somebody says
I love you
it loses some of it’s clout so
I’ve decided not to say it again.
I hope you understand.
Please don’t take it personally.
You know the way I feel about you.
I South Korea you.
I little blue blazer with brass buttons you.
I Kindergarten Cop you.
More than ever.

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