Sky fi fiction

And here’s a translation for those of you who aren’t fluent in 13 year old’s handwriting:

‘When Robot got home from his adventure in the future to zimbabwe he felt that something in his engine had leaked. It was as if one of his switches had a technical problem. He then realised that he forgot to wipe after he went to the toilet – he was fine.

At this point in the world (3017) the world was practically ruined. There were extraterrestrials all over and no human beings. Just a world full of Robert the Robots and Paul the extraterrestrials.

The only thing in the the universe that had improved since 2012 is the technology that the robots had come up with. Robert took a flying saucer into the Zimbabwean future to go on a an exclusive holiday in a resort. Zimbabwe is the richest country in the world at the moment it is also racist, they only let magnetic robots into their political side of things.

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