Skin up, pin up

Big shout out today goes to abraxas who sent me this lovely idea. I had seen it before, but never thought to blog about it until now. Peace abraxas, love ya.

Do you remember calendars with pin up girls on them? Like this one:

They used to adorn the walls of garages where men got grease on their hands and fixed your carburetor or your exhaust cam shaft gear shift thingy, and then charged you too much for it. You don’t see them in places like that so much anymore.

Sadly I think we’ve become quite piraat about skin mags. Does los-lyf even exist any more?

Although FHM, GQ and Sports Illustrated Magazines still tend to do a good job of the tits and ass business.

So here’s a new form of the pin up, which I think is super sexy, check it out.

That girl really is skin and bones, she should eat something.
Nice rack!

She’s not even wearing any shoes in that one. She’s completely nekkid. Cover your eyes if you’re under 18.

It brings a whole new dimension to the classic pin up.

According to the internetwebmachine, this calendar was created by Medical Imaging firm, EIZO. Clever bunch.

Oh baby, make love to the camera.
And once more, with feeling.

The model wasn’t going to take the job, but she was on the bones of her ass.
Okay, okay, I’ll stop punning now, promise.

They could do a further version of this same calendar where they hand out 3D glasses, and if you put them on then you see her actual body. Would be awesome.

2 responses to “Skin up, pin up”

  1. Kaloo says:

    Would it be impolite of me to say these images gave me a bone?

  2. kenny says:

    if a real person look like that they are all dead are dead

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