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after my post on the ‘life-like blow up dolls’ both jacqui and angela pointed me in the direction of this website – – a Ferrari parked in each of their garages for that. thanks girls. you both rock like mick jagger. (ie: long and hard.)

as their web banner above says, true companion proudly brings you the world’s first sex robot! yes they did!

their website doesn’t have much by way of information, you have to write off to them for that, and i for one would rather have less penis spam in my inbox at this stage of my life. and so i opted to just use what i could find and take a wild guess at the rest of the info i don’t know, instead of actually doing any reportive investigation of my own.
this is their shplurb:

see, men always think they want someone who can speak. then when they get them – not so interested anymore. what’s the bet 99.9% of the men who actually pony up for one of these dolls turns off the speak function after the first week?

although she probably just says ‘ooh’ and ‘aaaah’ and ‘oh baby’ and ‘fuck me harder’. as opposed to: ‘steve, when are you going to take out the rubbish?’ and ‘does my bum look big in this?’ and ‘what are you thinking?’ and why don’t you ever just hold me any more?’ and ‘why do we have to watch the football again?’ – you get my drift.

ha ha ha imagine if real women were like the TrueCompanion and you had an orgasm whenever he touched you. would be awesome. unless you’re in the supermarket together buying toilet duck at the time.
okay, enough chit chat, let’s get a look at her.
this is what she looks like on the front page of their website:
and here she is in action:

there you go. our guy, brad, and his TrueCompanion, enjoying a glass of wine and a romantic evening on the couch together. careful brad, don’t touch her, it could all be over in seconds!

the difference between the picture of her on the banner of the site, and the actual doll is quite remarkable. it’s a little like the difference between a macdonalds burger in an ad, and a macdonalds burger in real life.

here he is listening to her thoughtfully, as she makes a valid point about the conflict in iraq.

ok, enough of that. let’s be honest here, she’s a doll, you don’t need to woo her, or make her dinner. i’m pretty sure she’ll sleep with you no matter where you take her on your first date.

here are some pics from their gallery of the sex doll in action:

i know, it’s gross and a bit hectic (specially since none of you have probably had your morning coffee yet), but you know that’s what you really wanted to see. it’s what you were really curious about, i know you. but how does it actually work down there? you were wondering to yourself. please don’t pull your nose up at me now that i’ve gone and shown you!

ummm…. is he going in to kiss her? that’s weird!

ha ha look at the look on her face. complete and utter shock and horror. and look at her weird bendy finger. and is it my imagination or is she carrying some invisible watermelons?

ho hum… don’t know about you. but for me, sex with a robot is a little on the inanimate side.

the most entertaining and informative part of their website was when i clicked through to their ‘careers’ section and came across this want ad:

it says, and i quote: ‘TrueCompanion offers excellent growth opportunities and a competitive salary based on experience.’
‘excellent growth opportunities’ – whahhahaha!

wait i’m going to zoom in so you can read the rest:

boy. maybe it’s just me, but the way they’ve designed their wanted ad makes me think your job would entail performing acts of cunnilingus on robots all day? maybe they’re looking for an orgasm tester. hey, you never know, it’s possible!
imagine his business card.
thanks again angela and jaqui.

2 responses to “sex robot”

  1. wozzel says:

    That is just insane! LOL! and to still have models posing with them robots? I guess “honey, I have a headache tonight” wont be a problem anymore. Whatever next I ask?

  2. angela says:

    good lord! you did a real good job on the research there paige! wahahahahah some of those pics remind me of the barbie pics you posted the other day!

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