Say cheese, Jesus.

Every now and again comes along a business idea so clever, so powerful, so enormous and full of promise and potential, that even Richard Branson would get a woody just thinking about it.

This is one of those ideas.

I found this on that awesome website full of craziness, Regretsy.

Basically, whoever you are and where ever you are, you can have your portrait drawn with Jesus. Yes, The Jesus, of ‘Baby Jesus’ fame.

You send in your photo and for just $97, the portrait is all yours.

Here’s an example of the artist’s handiwork:

I can’t read the author’s name, but that’s some finely crafted pencil work. Wow.

Jesus is the one on the left, by the way.

here’s their blurb:

Hey look, you can add additional people, you could have your whole family portrait done with Jesus. It would be awesome. Or you and your hubby, posing with The Jesus. Even better send in your wedding photo and he’ll draw you and husband getting married to Jesus.

I’m loving it.
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  1. That bearded look is so hot right now. If Jesus was wearing one of those fisherman beanies, he’d be the darling of Long Street.

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