SABC monkeys.

nice one on fucking up the survivor finale, you brain surgeons.

we’ve only been waiting 12 weeks for it.

and you managed to cut out my favourite part, when the bitter, twisted losers get to kick the almost winners in the shins.

this is almost as bad as the time you cancelled survivor to put on cricket for two weeks straight without warning everyone.

and the time you took over zimbabwe and mis-governed the shit out of it. oh no wait, that wasn’t you.

here’s a link to my favourite south african televsion website tvsa:
their take on the SABC fuck up is very funny. here’s an exerpt:

“Yes, it seems the SABC is in such dire financial straits, they had to sell off bits of the Survivor finale for drug money. Unfortunately, instead of selling off the parts no-one cares about, like the fifteen-minute previously sequence, they decided to get rid of the most important part of the entire finale…”

they also give a bit of a synopsis of the show, if you still care.
thanks tvsa.

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