SABC 3 Survivor Finale Blaps.

ok, so the monkey’s over at SABC 3 fucked up the survivor finale this week, but they were panicky enough to play it for us in its entirety today, so we got to see all the bitter, twisted losers kick the almost winners in the shins. my favourite part of the entire show.

some observations:

– it’s a shame it was those three left to chose from, and i’m shocked to say i almost wish courtney had won.

– did anyone else want to slap amanda through the face with her own bottom lip? what’s with that pout chick? and those eyes! seriously stop that! argh. she never irritated me throughout the entire series, and then made up for it in the last two episodes.

– was it just me or did anyone else miss having jeff machete his way through the jungle and then ride into the studio on a jetski to read the results?

– did anyone else see the humour in jean robert not being able to open the pen? wahahahahaha.

so blaps or no blaps, it’s a great show. i can’t wait for next season when some old favourites fight it out with some newbies. and of course let’s not forget that jeff probst will be there. how many more reasons do you need to look forward to it?

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