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should you be curious and would like to read a seris of exerpts from A Million Miles From Normal, the novel, visit the bizcommunity website.

they’re putting up daily exclusive excerpts from the novel until the end of next week and are also giving away five copies of the book. all you have to do to win is email the addy given over here on the competition page.

6 responses to “read an excerpt”

  1. Tap and Letting Agent? “Hey, youse ain’t from around here, huh lady? Wadda ya from Jersey?”

    I enjoyed the excerpts and will buy this book when it comes overseas if you promise me a little boy doesn’t drown in a 1 inch puddle.

  2. i promise on prada that a little boy doesn’t drown in a 1 inch puddle.

    wahahahah bob bob bob, you crack me up.

    it has to be ‘tap’ and ‘letting agent’ eventhough she lives in New York, she’s still South African, and that’s what we call em! right?

  3. thanks unicorny and po. you guys rock.
    po, more exceprts to come next week – with a new one on monday, tuesday and wednesday, i’ll keep you posted.

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