Psycho buildings

You’ve heard of girls gone wild, right? It’s a franchise of semi-porno videos of chicks showing their tits, and basically going wild on Spring Break, or wherever really.

Well girls aren’t the only ones who like to let their hair down, shoot a couple of tequillas and lift their shirts.

Sometimes people in other industries go a little crazy too.

So here are some examples of architects gone wild. And builders on crack:

That’s the headquarters of Longaberger Company, a company that deals with products like baskets, pottery and specialty foods. It’s in Ohio in the United States.

That psycho building awesomeness is an artificial rooftop lake. It’s complete with a dock and three small wooden boats.

From what I can gather, it’s in London.

That piano shaped building is in Huainan city, China. Even the stairs are in a violin glass shaped thingy. Architechts gone mad I tell you.

That’s called ‘The Dancing Building’

Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore. Nope, we’re in Vienna, Austria.

That’s what happens when acid trips carry on through sunday, and are still with you when you go to work on monday and start work on your new project.

So here’s the creepy thing, I found this image above, and when I went back online to look for it again, so I could tell you where it is, I couldn’t find it again. (Insert Twilight Zone music here). Creepy hey, maybe it’s alien builders gone mad!

Ah strange psycho buildings gone wild. I think that one’s in Rotterdam, which is in The Netherlands, where dope is legalised. Makes sense. Do you think they’re extensions they added afterwards? how odd.

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