Pole dancing for Jesus

You may or may not remember this mail that came regarding one Sunday Times column, from Frans, my biggest non-fan:

‘…anyway have a lovely day but i think you can try looking into more uplifting matters to write about like the christian religion now that would be great.’
Frans Quinton Marx

Not one to ever ignore a suggestion or request, even from a non-fan, i decided to think about Frans’ advice and seriously consider writing about the Christian religion. No wait, before you click away, you may want to see this.

Just after publishing Frans’ letter, author – Ingrid Anderson, came across Crystal Deans and was nice enough to send me this story.

Crystal is your average God-fearing woman who used to run a woman’s bible study group on a Sunday, but when numbers started to dwindle, Crystal took a good, hard look at things, and readjusted her group, and she now runs a Pole Dancing for Jesus group every Sunday.

β€œOn Sundays, we do pole fitness for Jesus. We do the upbeat contemporary Christian music because people have to bring their church program to get into the class, so we basically are just continuing the whole worship thing here.” Says Crystal Dean of her group.


in case you can’t see, that small caption reads ‘OnKneesforJesus’

Needless to say, numbers at the Sunday Church group have never been better, and I would imagine that Jesus rather enjoys it too.

9 responses to “Pole dancing for Jesus”

  1. I don’t really know what to say, but I suppose it really does take all sorts, doesn’t it.

  2. For The Man says:

    Now that definitely is… something new. I just wonder if they ever actually get to talk about Jesus and the Bible during these “studies”.

  3. any says:

    Haha – it is a bit sad if you need to justify stripping by saying you do it for Jesus, but at least it’s something…

  4. Kaloo says:

    I love those Butt Cheeks on your page!
    Are they Grabbing For Jesus?

  5. I just have to say that you are a complete ass. I own this studio. It is not a church, never has been. Our Pole FITNESS classes are for women only and we keep all of our clothes ON! We are absolutely NOT getting “on our knees” for Jesus. I wanted to simply bring Christian women together in a loving, supportive environment to work out for FREE with other likeminded women. There is nothing wrong with what I teach. But please, feel free to keep saying demeaning things about the women trying to lose weight and feel good about themselves. After all, it made YOU feel better, right? Also, before you judge, feel free to swing by and try a twisted grip handspring or a back hook shoulder mount. Bet everyone will watch when it gets into the Olympics in 2016! I will pray for you.

  6. Paige says:

    Hello Crystal, first off let me say that it’s very cool that you visited our small corner of the internetweb. But I do think you misread the tone of the piece a bit. I think what you do is really funny, and kind of cool. that’s why I wrote about it! And I’m certainly all for modernising religion!

    I know how hard pole dancing is, a chick I work with does it, and she’s got abs of rock or granite, whereas mine are more marshmallow or soft down-pillow. It’s definitely not something I could do, unless falling on your ass somehow suddenly became sexy!
    Listen you have to admit there’s some humour in what you are doing, and that’s all I was pointing out, I think it’s a funny story. No offence meant crystal, and hey, surely all pr is good pr? You can’t start something new and different and a little cooky like this and not expect people to talk about it.

    And I think pole dancing at the Olympics would be alright, it would certainly increase tv viewership of the event! Even if only by one – I’d watch it.

  7. Kaloo says:

    I’m disappointed Paige.
    Since when did you start playing nice? Part of your charm is the sarcastic wit.
    *hands her a knife sharpener*

  8. Paige says:

    I know Kaloo, I kind of struggled with this one.

    Crystal obviously takes what she does with that pole uber-seriously, and I do think it’s a good thing she’s doing. Albeit a rather mad, crazy, cooky thing.

    But hey she took the time to come on over and be offended by me, the very least i could do was respond.

    And hey, who am I to criticise a bunch of ladies shaking their ya-ya’s while having a good old hearty praising of the lord?

    I think i’m going to do my Kegels to the Kabbalah tonight.

  9. Kaloo says:

    Praise the Lord she’s back! πŸ˜‰
    Oh how I have missed you my dear sweet charming sarcastic Paige.. words alone would never suffice πŸ™‚
    On a serious note though, you’re quite right. We can’t be ourselves all the time. Sometimes we have to venture outside the hood to see how good decent folk are getting along.
    Good luck on those Kegels.

    I’m contemplating some solo-love to a bit of Hari Krishna chants tonight πŸ˜‰

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