please vote now!

ok, it’s voting time. take a look at the four options for new blog cover pics below and vote for your favourite before wednesday next week. the pic with the most votes goes on as cover pic for a while.

matt, lisa, gym buddy, design goddess, mr smarty pants, newport market & deli, speedo guy, brave client – you all need to log your vote. the bastard, mrs bastard, the german contingent, sam… eish who am i forgetting? the nutter mom, pea, manda, justin, steve hayes, anonymous, mr worcester disappearing act, evil genius, nicole, shiny lunchbox, a+s, the critic… and everyone else who is kind enough to follow here.

sheesh do i really have to name all of you individually, whose dumb idea was that? we’ll be here all night.

and now i’ve probably pissed off all the people i haven’t mentioned by name (oh yeah, surfer chick, mr hollywood, my mother, the dentist and his wife) and they’ll probably never come back and read my blog ever again, and then my numbers will drop drastically, and i’ll lose all hope and then i’ll probably die.

so you see, if you don’t vote, i’ll die.
you don’t want that on your conscience do you?

(hans helbig, phoebe, noel, bronson, new york bibi, my agent ron, parents of sam in oz, mother of a genius, watermelon pip, gorgeous jo, gina, middle goat, the critic and the critic’s husband… that means you lot too.)

these are the four picks (sic) you have to chose from:

‘red dress’

‘shoes on grass’


‘red shoes’

if you want to know the story behind the pics, go here and read all about the fabulous and talented photographer, sam icklow:

(shit, sorry if i left you out. i do love you. {not in that way!})

13 responses to “please vote now!”

    mrs bastard (dont expect that bastard to vote, he is too busy with….just too busy)

  2. very difficult to vote when one doesn’t know the criteria…i like the red dress, but what is next to it on the bed? an ashtray? prussia’s kitty treats come in a tin too, maybe its that? i don’t like the leggings with the red socks, strange outfit. nor the yellow pants, those shoes look very uncomfortable and not in a sexy ‘must endure it but these choo’s hurt like shit’ kind of way. i cant see what the crap on the desk is. seems like an awful lot of stuff really. i dunno, guess the red dress get my vote. but i’m not committing till i get more info.

  3. Hello. Really, I like them all, but I think the red dress fits best with the general theme of things here. Is it about ‘getting ready the night before’, or ‘discarded the morning after’? I like the ambiguity of it. Not a big fan of winklepicker shoes, although the photo’s cool.

  4. I like the red dress pic. It makes me wanna turn around to see what she’s still wearing, if anything.
    I’m with Pea on the funny outfits, you’ve spent too long in advertising to think that’s good taste! Nice photo’s though…

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