Phuza Thursday

Are we there yet?

No, it’s only Thursday.

Oh well fuck you then. I’m drinking anyway.

Someone at work sent this out the other day, and it just about killed me:

It’s one of those pics you have to look at twice.

Because, you see, she’s not really naked.

The Caption says: ‘That must be a proud moment. When your fat arm is mistaken for the entire body of another person.’

Take another look:

See, it’s just an arm.

So, it’s quite possible that while this may feel like one of the longest weeks ever to you (and me), chances are that girl who everyone now thinks they’ve seen naked, and the girl with the odly shaped arm, are having a way worse week.

Aaaah, i feel better now.

Whisky for everyone.

Happy Phuza Thursday all. xxx

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