photoshop disasters

after the lady with the moustache post over here, i got to thinking about bad comping and why people do it, which reminded me of one of my favourite blogs called photoshop disasters.

this genius of a guy posts bad comp jobs on his blog with funny comments. it’s some crazy shit. here are some of my favourite photoshop disasters from his site.

i don’t know which is scarier, the fact that there’s a wierd hand on his shoulder or the fact that this picture out of a newspaper article is actually of a mother and son?

there’s another wierd hand thing going on over here.
and talking about wierd hands, why does jennifer lopez’ baby have one sticking out of the his forehead? creepy.
nice braai guy. what a chop!

look, someone’s holding his hand. maybe he likes to take his girlfriend with him where ever he goes. or rather, just her hand or maybe she’s just so thin we can’t see her.

one eye looking at you, and the other one looking for you.

MODEL: my thumb, my thumb, someone cut off my thumb. call an ambulance. i’m bleeding.

OTHER PERSON: um no. look at your hand, see, you still have a thumb, they did that in photoshop.

MODEL: oh. phew.
nice one wii, don’t worry, nobody will ever suspect those animals weren’t all actually there.

alright, who put the crack in Paula Deen’s coffee?

i suppose with boobs like that they thought nobody would be looking at her hands.

ummmm, dear garnier. i don’t understand this shot. how did she balance on one finger and one toe? is it two shots perhaps, one girl’s legs and another girl’s head and shoulders? it’s just wierd and creepy. nice tan though!

thanks mr photoshop disasters, your blog is awesome.

3 responses to “photoshop disasters”

  1. redkat says:


    Cat: “help me, help me..i dont know were i am and how i got here. MEEEEEOW!”

  2. me too me too! i love that site. also movie bloopers

  3. Paige says:

    ooh movie bloopers, sounds fantastic, i’ll check that out straight away. thanks sylvie.
    ps: i love your blog, makes me feel like a complete fashion laggard, but i love it.

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