Parrot guts necklace

R. Brown is one of my all time favourite people. She wasn’t always. We have history. But that’s what makes us love each other so much now.

She is one of those truly talented creative people who it comes to naturally, while the rest of us have to slave at it.

Anyway, this post isn’t about R. Brown. It’s about Parrot’s Guts.

But R. Brown is important because she brought this to my attention. (Via this weekly online design mag.)

Tithi Kutchamuch is someone with a very interesting name. But he/she/it (the internet doesn’t say) is also an incredibly talented designer who came up with this:

It’s a Parrot Guts Necklace.

What? You mean you’ve never heard of a Parrot Guts Necklace before? Crickey, where have you been?

A Parrot’s Guts Necklace is a life-sized bronze, silver and aluminium parrot, and it turns into a necklace with a parrot’s skull and organs – like the intestines and heart – which dangle off the necklace like charms.
Like this, see:

Some might say too much. But for others, I suspect, it’s just the right amount of too much.

I mean it is very pretty.

Considering that it’s the internal organs of a bird, designed to hang around your neck.

8 responses to “Parrot guts necklace”

  1. Isn’t it amazing how two people who were once oceans apart (usually because of a tiny ripple that turned into a tsunami) can suddenly become closer than two atoms in a drop of water?

    I have just such a relationship with a friend, who is now closer to me than the very skin I reside in.

    As regards the parrot… i suddenly feel for KFC.

  2. lol…
    I love the way you say my name.
    Almost musical.. almost.
    If I close my eyes, I can picture a hummingbird surrounded by very confused dodo’s ๐Ÿ˜‰

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