Our daily bread

Many times on this blog I’ve found myself wondering why oh why oh why oh why?
This is one such time.
Why do you think artist, Catherine McEver decided to start embroidering on bread, like this:

and this:

Yum, fish on toast. A bit of Peck’s Anchovette will give you a similar vibe.

It’s a strange hobby to have, I think.

But still interesting and quite pretty.

While we’re talking about embroidery, I did a little google search to see what other fucked up embroidery I could find out there. Here you go:

There’s something so unnervingly cool about seeing dirty words embroidered.

Fuck you is really the last thing you expect to see your granny cross stitching into a cushion.

And to my mind, that’s why it works.

Nuff said. Hey, who do you think is more glad it’s Friday, you or me? Yeah, you’re probably right, it’s definitely me.


3 responses to “Our daily bread”

  1. david says:

    the toast’ll go mouldy :/

  2. Paige says:

    yeah, i did wonder about that. will add to the pretty colours, eventhough it’s kinda gross.

  3. Ang! says:

    You do have a knack for finding the bizarre Paige 😉

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