online dating's uglier step sister.

ok, so i generally visit just the one online dating site, but i recently came across a banner ad for another online dating website that i’ve never heard of before. i really hope it’s big enough below for you to see:

is it just me or does anyone else find it odd that there’s this little disclaimer down here by these red arrows i made? it says:

‘Pictures may not be of actual members.’

wierd right?

to me that says hey boys come over here and meet these girls. look there’s this one, Sandy2568, she’s curvy and likes long walks on the beach.

or there’s this one, KatieFun789, she’s athletic and fun and wants to massage your shoulders when you get home from work and give you blow jobs on the couch.

or hey, look over here, there’s this one, Rosa92, she’s slim but not in that anorexic way that makes you worry that she’s going to go vomit up that R120 steak you just bought her.

and then riiiiiight at the bottom in teensy tiny little type they say: you see all these pretty girls, well you can’t actually meet these ones, but please do come over to our website and check out some of their uglier sisters.

or have i just been in advertising too long?

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