Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was an artist named Kurt Pio, and he made these incredible works of art, that are actually works of book.
They’re based on those classic Penguin Book covers.
By Kurt Pio
I first saw something similar to this when I was in Amsterdam a couple of years ago and they immediately stole my heart and ran around the corner with it.
By artist in Amsterdam

I didn’t buy one back then in Amsterdam, because I needed all my money for crack and whores,
but I have always regretted it (never regretted the crack and whores, but always regretted not buying the art).
By Kurt Pio

Jenny who writes one of my favourite blogs to visit, Koekalooks, brought them to my attention. Thank you clever Jenny.

By Kurt Pio

And if Kurt Pio will be patient with me, I’ll hopefully be able to buy one from him. Although it may take me a while to get there. If I struggled to find titles for both my novels, I can only imagine the struggle I’m going to have titling my imaginary book on my imaginary classic Penguin cover canvas.

Kurt Pio does more than just pretend book covers, he does so much more too. Like making hats. So if you’re arty and you know it click over here.

4 responses to “Once upon a time…”

  1. It’s funny though, when browsing in 2nd bookshops, the orange penguins (especially) grab my attention.

    Brilliant 🙂

  2. Hey david, they always grab mine, and i usually buy one. i have a pile of them on my book shelf, can’t say i’ve read one yet, but my intentions are there.

  3. Oh Paige.. I love you so. But why, why do you keep turning your lovely, prim-&-polite-to-a-fault blogroll into an NSFW site with that picture? I take a break for a week and come back to office in glee awaiting new developments on the Paige front, and this is what i am faced with…A (terribly cute) bum encased in undies (very cute again, Victoria’s) with a hand squeezing the hell out of it.
    Why Paige Why?

  4. Hi Rashmi, I remember taking that pic down some time last year because someone could no longer open my blog at work cos it was NSFW. (was that you or someone else? can’t remember) But i kind of missed that picture so thought i’d give it another bash. Hmmmm, never thought of my blog as ‘prim and polite to a fault’ before, that made me smile. Will try to change out the image before you get to work on monday. thanks for reading, and thanks for coming back. 🙂

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