Oh shit, your mom just discovered the internet.

According to my top secret sources (the internet), women older than 55 are the fastest growing group on facebook. With 1.5 million currently on the site, that’s a 550 percent increase over the last six months.

You know what that means, right? If you mom hasn’t already joined facebook, then you can expect her to be doing so any day now.

The only decision left is whether to accept her friend request or not. Chances are if you’re over thirty that’s not such a big decision, and it will save you having to call her so often and send photos. But the twenties and under crew have a harder choice to make. As highlighted by this poster I found somewhere online:

Thanks Facebook.
In fact 2010 was officially billed as ‘The Year Your Mom Joined Facebook’.
While trawling and pondering these facts I came accross this beauty of a site.
It’s based on what movie titles would be if they were written by your mom.

like this one:

Classic. Here are a few more:

Mothers, can’t kill ’em, can’t bake like them. May as well just laugh at them.

They’re great because they’re so true.

The site is over here.

Now, go tidy your room!

Why? Because I said so!

And, have you done your homework?

Just wait till your father gets home.

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  1. J9 says:

    My Mom wants me to set her up on facebook too – what is it with them?

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