Right so I’d better come clean here – I haven’t been a huge soccer fan over this World Cup, but I have been a huge fan of The World Cup.

Nothing like some international footie, a bit of booze, some pot, and a lot of media coverage to bring out the freaks and lunatics.

First there was Paul the Octopus, And now there’s Bobbi Eden.

Bobbi Eden is a Dutch porn star. In fact she claims to be ‘The Number One Porn Star of the Netherlands’.

Here she is, doing what she does:

I’m sorry, but she is a ‘Porn Star’ – it’s not like there are pictures out there of her baking or rollerblading or darning socks! Consider yourselves lucky, this was one of the tamer pictures I found.

Anyway so Bobbi has promised free blow jobs to all her twitter fans if the Netherlands wins the World Cup.

Surprise surprise, her fan base has jumped from three thousand to just short of 90 000 in the last two days.
Do you think her porn name is ‘Bobbi’ because of the action her head makes when she’s giving blow jobs?
And how do you give 90 000 blowjobs? I know all guys dig a blow job, but seriously, hands up who wants to be number 89 999 and number 90 000.
Okay wait, I’m getting off track. Back to Paul the Octopus:

He’s predicted that Spain are going to win The World Cup Final.
If he’s right, and they do, Bobbi Eden owes that Octopus one helluva blow job.

3 responses to “Octopussy”

  1. Bwhahahahahaha!! Hi Paige, have just discovered your blog (via a book review on ‘Woman & Home’ magazine’s website) & already love what I see! I am currently working on my debut novel (crime fiction) & would love to hook a publisher as great as Penguin when it’s finished. Can’t wait to read your book! – Paula Gruben, Jozi

  2. Hi Paula, so stunning to have you swing by, and so chuffed you’re enjoying the blog. It means a lot to me.
    Good luck with your novel, crime fiction is so hot right now. Give us a shout when you have a finished manuscript and i’ll try hook you up with my literary agent, Ron Irwin, he’s a legend.
    Also, if you manage to pick up A Million Miles from Normal, the novel, let me know what you think, all constructive criticism is most welcome.

  3. That’d be fan-frikkin-tastic, thanks a mil!! As soon as I’ve bought & read your baby, I will definitely give you some feedback. If it’s anything like this blog, then I just KNOW I’m gonna dig it 🙂

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