Now hippies can masturbate too.

Are you the type who is growing increasingly concerned about our planet? 
Perhaps you watched the movie on Mnet on Sunday night (2012 with John Cusack) and fear that we’ve treated our earth so badly that it may just explode one of these days, blowing us all to hell in a handbasket?
Well, fear not, because now you too can do your bit for the planet, while getting your rocks off!
Introducing the very first battery-free wind-up vibrator. It’s so environmentally friendly it will give you a stiffy.
It’s made from recycled materials and you never need to buy batteries for it. The planet will thank you for that.
All you have to do is crank the handle for 4 minutes and you’ll get 30 minutes of intensely orgasmic vibrating pleasure
Here’s what it looks like:
True story. Fun sexy times. That is if you’re willing to put in a little work up front.
So it’s a vibrator, that’s powered by your wrist.
What does that remind me of?
Oh yes, one of these:

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5 responses to “Now hippies can masturbate too.”

  1. On the note of hippies and sex, are you familiar with Fuck For Forest? Hippies making porn nobody wants to see in order to raise money for the protection of nature and wildlife. So if you ever want to watch people with dirty dreadlocks and tattoos doing it, is the place to go…

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