New Paris Hilton jewelry range – The Prison Bracelet

My twitter feed tells me that Paris Hilton was arrested for smoking dope at the Netherlands – Brazil game in PE this evening.

Well if twitter says so, then it must be true.

Now please don’t judge me by what I’m about to tell you, but I actually follow Paris Hilton on Twitter. Hey, what can I say, she fascinates me.

So this is what she tweeted about two hours ago (around 8:30pm):

Before the bust? After the bust? In the back of the cop van on the way to the station? Your guess is as good as mine.

So another exciting development at the world cup. Will be interesting to see what happens and how it plays out.

I suppose if anyone is going to get bust for smoking a bit of weed at a World Cup Game, it would be at the Dutch game, right? And if anyone is gong to get bust for a little coke, that would be at a Brazilllian game. The drug sniffing dogs at the stadium last night mustn’t have known which way to turn first.

Thinking about Paris getting bust made me think about Paris in handcuffs, I bet she’d rock those biatches.

Only Paris could turn the handcuff into a fashion accessory.

The Prison Bracelet:

Next thing you know everyone will be wanting a pair.
In fact, I’m sensing that the birth of a new Paris Hilton range of jewelry is imminent:

‘The Locked-up Look’
It seems only fitting that the queen of fashion has her very own range of bracelets.
Although you just know the ones she’ll be wearing in Polsmoor will be diamond studded at the very least:

Or solid gold:

Or just damn friggin‘ cute!

Or perhaps in the spirit of that game drive that she may or may not be going on next week, animal print:

Welcome to the Jungle Paris. Hope you enjoy your stay.
A NEW DEVELOPMENT: Newspapers report this morning that one of Hilton’s entourage was fined R1 000 (eighty bucks) for possession of a bit of weed, and all went free. Paris was not charged. Yay now she can go game driving.
ps: At first post of this story I got the game wrong, and said it was the Ghana game, when in fact it was the Brazil/Netherlands game. Thanks to Teresa for pointing that out to me. And apologies for the dodgy research.

6 responses to “New Paris Hilton jewelry range – The Prison Bracelet”

  1. Mike says:

    Hilarious! I might buy stock in handcuff jewelry — the next hot thing. I think Paris is fascinating too, for turning her sheer “nothingness” into celebrity.

  2. Paige says:

    Hey Mike, I think that’s what gets me about her too. There’s just something. Something crazy and ridiculous, but it’s something. I also happen to think she works fricken hard at whatever it is that she does/doesn’t do.

    and then there’s the money. you just can’t help thinking about how much of it she has.

  3. Bobby says:

    Love it! Can’t believe she was arrested in South Africa, of all places!

  4. liquid pixel says:

    Apparently her lawyer said: “They got the wrong blonde.” Hee-hee!

  5. Paige says:

    Oh if only I had a Rand for every time that excuse got me out of jail.

  6. liquid pixel says:

    And the best part is the bodyguard handed over ‘another marijuana cigarette’ to the police. She gets her BODYGUARD to carry her stash!!!

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