naked asian lady.

dear naked asian lady who i often see at the gym,

i understand why you’re so very proud of your body, but still, there is absolutely no excuse for how you behave in the ladies locker room after your workouts.

all us other ladies who use the locker room have taken a vote. you may no longer walk around completely naked for many hours after your shower. you may not put your foot up on the bench while you cover your alarmingly naked body with moisturiser, bending over to get between your toes. then you may not blow dry and style your hair stark naked for another hour before you finally put something on. for starters it’s disgusting and awkward and nobody knows where to look. second of all, when you come down to it, it’s really just showing off. and thirdly, you’re going to catch your death of cold.
buy a fucking towel for christ’s sake.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    enormous bush…where? and equally bad are the untoned and unshaven who dare do the same thing. i find it best to only look at the floor post shower….

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