My bestest

This is sliced bread:

These are spanx:

And this is my Consol Solar Jar:

Just another great invention that deserves it’s place together with the other ‘best things since…’

Here’s a very technical explanation of how it works: Right. Underneath the liddy thing, there are a bunch of lightbulby type thingies. And then on top of the lid are some solar panelly thingies, and then if you leave it out in the sun for a bit, when when the metal lid doodad comes in contact with the other metal piecy-mabob, it causes the solar powered lights to come on.

I’ve blogged about this clever little device before, but it’s so good it deserves double bloggage. The weather is still so nice, that there’s lots of time spent in the garden with seven to ten bottles of good to average whatever’s close at hand. (The quality can decrease as the number of bottles increases. That’s allowed.)

I think it’s flipping cool. If you want one or ten, you can buy them at the Consol shop. It’s happiness in a jar.
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