Multi-tasking Tuesday

I’m doing a lot of multi-tasking at the moment.

I’m sure you can all relate.

Work is off-the-hook busy.

And life is ticking along at a bit of a frenetic pace.

So I’ve decided to rename today – Multi-tasking Tuesday.

These guys have got the right idea:

See, while getting busy doing ‘The Reverse Cowboy’, she’s playing Guitar Hero, and I can’t quite see what he’s up to, but my guess is he’s selling something on e-bay.

Hey, I just thought of something, if it’s his own sperm that he’s busy selling on e-bay then they’re taking the whole multi-tasking thing to a whole new level.

I just don’t think I can compete with those kinds of mad multi-tasking skills. The best I can do is GHD my hair while I’m watching TV, or reply to a text message while I’m on the loo. (I suddenly sense I’m about to recieve a lot fewer text messages!)

Happy Multi-tasking Tuesday everybody, I hope it’s a constructive one.

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3 responses to “Multi-tasking Tuesday”

  1. Definitely a whole new level! Does anybody else think that the picture on the laptop looks like a smaller version of the picture we are looking at?

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