'mr long-time-no-see'.

i was just doing the rush hour shopping basket shuffle down at my local woolies, when i bumped into an old friend, ‘mr long-time-no-see’. we got chatting, as one does. he was looking for a whole coconut, creme fraiche and some basil. i wanted to ask what he was making for dinner, cos i couldn’t think of anything appealing or obvious out of that lot, but i didn’t want to be rude.

anyway he told me he had two trolleys on the go at the same time. one half full downstairs at the pick and pay, and this one he was currently busy with in the woolies. he said he likes to keep two going, and work between them, filling them as he goes. i guess it keeps things exciting?

i think it’s a fucking genius idea. i always liked ‘mr long-time-no-see’. just think, when you get really irritated or can’t decide between chicken or fish, then you just abandon your trolley mid-aisle, swap shops, and come back to it when you’re done prodding avos in the other shop. brilliant.

when i asked him if he wasn’t worried someone might pilfer from his trolley left alone and abandoned downstairs at the p ‘n p, he said he always makes sure there are lots of things on the shelves he takes his items off of, just in case he ever needs to go back for replacements.

smart man ‘mr long-time-no-see’.

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