more friday fig crumbs

poetry doesn’t get much better. except for this gem, it’s one of my all time favourite poems, by Charles Simic (1938 – ) there’s nothing after the dash here in my poetry book, does that mean he’s still alive? awesome. i wonder if he will marry me? i will go immediately to the google place and look for him. i will report back on his marital status. although don’t get any funny ideas ladies. i saw him first.

The Garden of Earthly Delights – Charles Simic

Buck has a headache. Tony ate
a real hot pepper. Sylvia weighs
herself naked on the bathroom
scale. Gary owes $800 to the
Internal Revenue. Roger says
poetry is the manufacture of lightning rods.
Jose wants to punch his wife
in the mouth. Ted’s afraid
of his own shadow. Ray talks
to his tomato plants. Paul
wants a job in the post office
selling stamps.Mary keeps
smiling at herself in the mirror.

And I,
I piss in the sink
with a feeling of

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