more clients from hell goodness

me me, pick me! where do i sign up?

2 responses to “more clients from hell goodness”

  1. Fantastic!

    I get these :

    Hello Gail,

    We would like to offer your students a competition, they need to design the new reception area for our multi million rand company, please submit your best 5 complete with working drawings and costings, the winner will be featured in our inhouse news letter. PS deadline is next Wednesday. Most importantly, have fun with this brief!!!

    Yep, thats one competition I will force my students to do – naaaaaaaa

    shit heads 🙂

  2. Gail i love that the winner will be featured in their in-house news letter. classic! talk about a career booster. those guys are crazy!

    you should enter that in clients from hell. i entered a story once, but i don’t think they used it, or at least i never saw it. clearly my clients aren’t hellish enough.

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