mommy juice

now why didn’t i think of this?

ever have one of those days? you know the type. the kind of day that kicks you in the shins when you’re not looking, usually a monday. yes, you know the one.

well here’s a handy invention to make those kinds of days just that much easier.

it’s a juice box. full of wine.

it even has that handy bendy straw attached, for maximum convenience and drunkeness.

i think we should call it mommy juice.

and mommies the world over breathe a sigh of relief just to know that it’s been invented. now anyone know how or where we can get our hands on a six pack? hell better make it a case.

i know i know, i’m not a mommy, but it doesn’t mean i need one any less!

in fact, all they need to do now is bring out a johnnie walker black label version, and i’m sold.

we’ll call it writer juice, shall we?

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