meet match #83

on the dating website you can click through to a section where they show you all your matches.

so everyone types in what they’re looking for and the computer does some maths and generates a list of all your calculated matches.

so here is one of my matches:

meet ‘match # 83’, well that’s what my computer calls him anyway.

let’s start off with his pay off line. (check out here if you don’t know what i mean by pay off line –

(‘Someone 2 time-travel with. Will get paid IF we get back. Bring own weapons. Only done this once before.’)

look below, the computer says he is a 94% match for me. and i am an 86% match for him. and together we make a 90% match.

ok, hang on just a second here. let’s review this: i’m looking for a strong, mature, balanced, intelligent, stable companion, to partner me through life.

and he’s looking for someone to help him steer his time machine when we fly off into the past or the future (he doesn’t say) to fight some aliens or dinosaurs (he doesn’t say). and we have to bring our own weapons.

how does that make him a 94% match for me?

i’m going to check out the 100% matches now. maybe somewhere in there is a suicidal serial-killer psychopath, who’s just perfect for me.

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