Map of the world's penis sizes

I first saw this on someone’s blog. But now I’ve lost track. Kaloo, was it you? Nik the Greek, was it you? Remind me and I’ll be sure to credit you.
Anyway, then I went to Google and tried to find out as much as I could about it.
Suffice it to say there’s not much to tell other than the fact that someone has made a world map that shows how penis sizes vary around the world.
I’ll be fucked if I know how they did this. I can only imagine a large group of researchers with strong stomachs and lots of rulers.
click on it to enlarge (or stroke to enlarge he he he)
Here’s the key to the map:

Average Penis size: 17.93! Since when is that an average penis size? That sounds kind of above average to me.

and the smallest is around 10cm, shame man.

So some questions and observations;
Is that erect or flaccid, do you think? I’m guessing erect. Cos imagine what happens to a 17.93cm flaccid penis when it become erect? That would surely be a danger to low-flying aircraft.

What do you think China and India ever did to deserve what they got?

Am happy to see that Africa is well in the green, good job Africa. I guess a continent’s got to be good at something, right?

you can check out the map and some info here if you’d like.

8 responses to “Map of the world's penis sizes”

  1. any says:

    And of course I always pick the exception to each and every rule… My Asian experiences were green, my African more on the red/orange side of the scale…I would be keen to see a more detailed scaling of America though. Surely there must me statistical differences btw. men in New York and Ohio, can’t all be yellow.

  2. isn’t Africa a continent?

  3. Paige says:

    Oh Theodore… you’re right. I’m dof. Will change and pretend it never even happened.

  4. Paige says:

    Any – i’ve always wondered whether the black man thing is true or a fallacy… phallacy… bwahahahahhahahahaha…

  5. I just looked for all the dark green areas in order to relocate.

  6. Charlotte Spicer says:

    I saw this on Life is Savage (awesome blogger, u should check it out if you dont already), and then he followed up with another one depicting the various boob sizes over the world! once again, SA did us proud…

  7. Kaloo says:

    I wish I could take the credit, but alas it wasn’t me.
    I did the blog about how vajayjay sizes vary across the world.
    I’m currently blogging from one in Las Vegas. Can you hear the echo? 😉

  8. Nik_TheGreek says:

    I did put it on my blog but I don’t know if you got it from there…
    The funny bit is that at some countries the people were simply asked about their size, so the outcome is not very reliable. In other countries they did measurements…

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