make something cool every day

this is called: ‘overly underwhelmed’
which is the exact opposite of how i feel about this guy’s website.

one word (that isn’t even a real word): awesomeness
so here’s the vibe: smarty pants guy makes something cool every day and posts it on his blog.
it’s simple genius.
here’s some of his stuff. (the purple type are his words)
this is: bumper stickers for shoes
repeat after me in a high pitched voice: awesome!

‘April Fools Day: I decided to play a prank on the local chickadees, sparrows and cardinals that thrive in my backyard. birdhouse with the entrance painted-on.’

he he he images of poor innocent birds flying into the black spot thinking it’s a hole make me roll around on the floor laughing my ass off. april fools sparrow!

like duh, why didn’t i think of that?

his stuff is sometimes random, sometimes genius, sometimes odd, but always cool. just like the name says.


‘under things in my refrigerator’
the next few are from a series named: ‘born with googly eyes’.

‘collette – born with googly eyes’
‘peanut – born with googly eyes’

poor peanut.

and this is ‘paul – born with googly eyes’ – i’m not sure but i think this is him.

i love a helvetica joke. (or is it an helvetica joke?)

‘fatal paper airplane crash.’

thank you ‘make something cool every day’. you make my day cool every day.

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