Letters in books

Deems just posted this on Twitter.

It’s a fantastic idea, about as genius as cookies with milk, or cars that go vroom, or movies in 3D, whoever came up with those ideas are the same amount of smartness as the clever person who came up with this:

Click to enlarge so you can look-see
I love the most that it’s hand wrtten on puppy dog writing paper.
I want to find a little personalised note in the next book I buy please, I’m just putting it out there into the universe.
Hey I just had an idea. I’m going to write my own little love lettery grateful thank you for buying me type note, and slot it into a copy of my latest book, This Way Up, at an exclusive books somewhere in Cape Town this weekend.
Only problem is I don’t have puppy dog writing paper… hmmm… I’ll have to get me some of that. Or maybe one with kittens, or ponies, or naked men. I wonder if they make paper with naked men on it… that will do.
Thanks Deems.
Happy Friday all.
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2 responses to “Letters in books”

  1. LOL, you’re welcome.

    When I saw the photo I immediately thought of you and thought, that’s probably something Paige would do 🙂

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