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As you may or may not know, I get massively varied responses to my column every week. Some weeks I only get responses from women, some weeks I only get responses from men. It’s really interesting.

This week’s column, the one on men wanting sex anwhere, anyhow (see post below) only garnered comments from men. Some hilarious, some serious and angry, and some plain pornographic (i’ll save you from those, don’t worry!)

Here are a few, hope you enjoy:

Hi Paige,

I enjoyed your article of 20 March 2011, Well done!!!!
Please share Guy’s four classic pre-foreplay maneuvers with me ha ha!!!!
Peter van Wyk

Oooh, I think I’ll save that for another column. Pre-foreplay manoevres girls, any you want to share?

Dear, Dear Paige!

There seems to be a misunderstanding between the genders! You see, as a man, I feel quite compelled to respond to “Let’s get it on, Everywhere. All the time.” “We men”, if i may speak freely on behalf of my gender – “we men” are burdened with an unbelievably and awsomely tideous duty of populating the world! I don’t think you know how it feels to have it ingrained in you, that if you do not pro-create, your species will dwindle into oblivion! Its not that we like sex – we just have a duty – you see, i believe that species that are now extinct, (besides human intervention), also brought it on themselves! – if the female dodo had just given it up, even when she had flu – they would still be with us today! think about it next time you say “no” – this is serious business!

ps: I am writing this from the spare bedroom, because i’ve got chicken pox! so trying to avoid spreading. Its been two days and i feel duty calls! – Don’t know if my wife will be convinced! Help me!
Harry Ndlovu

You’ve got to love Harry. Harry the Hero! Harry the brave! Protecting the world from extinction! Go Harry!

And of course, no week would be complete without some hate mail. Here’s this week’s courtesy of a man named Frans Quinton Marx:

lady i really dont like the way you put all man under one umbrella i mean like not every mans world revolves around sex make sure about your facts

I love how he calls me ‘lady’. You’re a treat, Frans.

And then there’s this strange letter from Isaac. The fact that he took the time to write to a WOMAN is quite something. I’m truly, deeply honoured.

Hi, Paige

I must confess that in as much as I rarely listen to or play woman music or music by woman whichever way it suits you I must confess that it took me a bit of time to find myself being interested by columns written by again a woman in your case, especially from a paper that I cant live my life without on a Sunday morning after church. I might have had the inclination to agree with your statement about men wanting it and always being in the mood for sex when I was in my early twenties and late thirties a while ago. Sadly being forty and believing that I have had all the sex I could ever have in my life and believe me with a whole lot of variety and at times with three in the same day I must tell you that your statement now only applies to probably those twenty year olds who have just experienced what an erection is and want to have it as you say-always.

Today some men of my age apart from the sushis that I read about every Sunday have more to do that to be always wanting to do the deed at any whim by any means. So I might be naïve and say that thinking of having it does not always mean I want to have it cause at times it’s sitting at home and looking at my lovely other half and seeing just how lucky I am to be loved by this special person next to me. With that comes wanting to do it in order to somewhat way also tell this person just how much she really means to you and not that I had a hard one again and as the saying goes in my mother tongue” ga e je bogobe” it does not eat pap.

Believe me this sex thing means differently to a whole lot of us especially men who now view it, see it and understand it differently now and what it means to my other half who still wants nothing to do with it in the morning when I expect to have as much of it as possible…

Thanks for a rather notable but now abnormal and not so normal score.

Isaac Molefe Sekhaolela

Crazies, you’ve got to love them.

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    Huh? I don’t think that last one made much sense!

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