Watersports anyone?

Okay, seriously, I get the craziest letters. This came in this evening on my gmail account, from Florida. What’s this guy trying to say? Is this a watersports vibe? I expect this from the sex column, but this is just about one of my regular novels.

Hi Paige,
I was just reading a Google excerpt from your book and could not stop laughing as you described poor Poppy’s horrible need to pee. I have a good sense of humor and always have to laugh and claim a good writer can describe the blissful process in unique and hilarious detail. LOL. Of course I have to ask if the classic detail came from personal experience? hahahaha.. I like a good dark beer with coworkers time to time and could not help but “relate”.
Good read!
K…. (anonymity to protect the potentially not so innocent)
Tampa, FL 🙂


This Way Up PB

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