Lego man

This is the perfect post for a dreaded monday.
Thirty six year old Nathan Sawayer was a successful corporate lawyer in New York City, until he told his boss to get fucked. Now he spends his days playing with lego.
He designs these enormous sculptures and then builds them out of lego.

He’s had a couple of exhibitions, and one of his pieces has sold for as much as 10 000 pounds.

Here he is:

(Hint, he’s the one in black shirt and blue jeans.)

Hey you’d be smiling too if you got to spend your days playing with lego.

He says his art explores human emotions.

I think it explores human toy boxes.

Once he’s finished building his sculptures, he goes back and glues every single piece, so the sculpture won’t fall apart.
I took a day off work myself recently in order to play with lego. This is what I made, what do you think?

Anyone out there willing to pay 10 000 pounds for it?
No, I didn’t think so.

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