lego icons

remember lego?

i saw these lego icons online and they really appealed to the adult child in me.

lego rocks.

i never once actually made anything that looked like anything, out of lego, but other people seem to manage just fine.

lego seems to have come a long way since our day, when you either made a car, a house or a space ship.

now there’s nothing or nobody that you can’t make.

did you ever stand on a piece of lego barefoot? man, nothing will make you swear as much as that. not even cousin malema.

if you make things out of lego, could you be considered a cubist? (okay, bad joke, promise no more of those in this post.)

they come from this flikr group called cube dude.

and they really do prove my theory that some people have way too much time on their hands. but in a good way. not in a vandalise the outside of a house and then steal a bicycle kind of way.

and then because i’m a sick puppy, i wondered whether there was any porno lego out there.

well of course there is, it’s the internetweb for goodness sake. crazy porn is what it’s for.

just wait for christmas this year when timmy asks for his very own stripper porn lego set. stripper pole and prison guard (huh?) included. awesome.

5 responses to “lego icons”

  1. Juz says:

    Bwha ha ha!

  2. Maryx says:

    Awesome!! Lego Porn! Hahahahahahahaha!! =) It’s amazing what you can do with lego nowadays… yeah I’m pretty sure we couldn’t do that in our days playing with it..

  3. Whoa. What a treat. I’m planning on pulling out the legos pretty soon.

  4. Paige says:

    Kerry, that rocks!

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