last day of the holidays

and so our week of imaginary holidaying draws to a close.

i hope you feel refreshed and rejuvinated and ready to go back to work on monday, all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

for our final virtual break we have a couple of places for you to chose from.

would you like to go to:

Feces, in Spain?

no, i didn’t think so. i’ve heard the weather there is really shitty this time of year.

how about we go to this place instead:

yeah, i don’t know what it says either.

but you have to respect any language that has words that don’t require vowels. ‘przy’ – ummm, i’d like to buy an ‘e’, maybe an ‘i’.

the mayor there’s name is dkajweuadljeiue. oh and while you’re there you absolutely must swing by and take a look at their Paeiaufak eiuajda aei adkuael; iea;ldkjdie. i’ve heard it’s quite something.

hey, i heard a great joke today – not all french people are rude, some of them are dead.

speaking of the french, how about a wander through the french countryside? we could go to:

that douche is covering up an ‘e’, it’s actually called Bitche and it’s in france.

*sigh* yes guy, we get it, without the ‘e’ it’s a naughty word. *sigh*
hey look, bitche is only 29 miles away, although often i can get there in just 2.
and finally if you’re looking for something with a little more testosterone than bitche, we could always go to:

yes, it’s in italy. (of course.)

happy travels, come back safely on monday. xxx

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