Jonathan G. Parker is a dumb fuck!

so this chick comes home to discover that she’s been burgled, right? and of course she’s very upset, things have been strewn around, diamond rings have been stolen, usual burlgar activity.

but then she notices that facebook is open on her computer, and she thinks – that’s funny, i haven’t been on facebook today, and she looks a bit closer and sees that the burglar, between sifting through her valuables and checking her fridge for anything nice to snack on, has used her computer to log onto his facebook page.

while there he probably poked a few friends, ‘liked’ a couple of things and changed his status update (maybe to something quirky, like Jonathan G. Parker is robbing someone, cos that’s just the way he rolls.)

but of course, before leaving the scene of the crime he’s gone and forgotten to log out.

nice one jon!

so the police found him and arrested him and if he’s convicted he could get up to ten years in prison. bet there’s no facebook there.

don’t believe me? you can find the story here.

thanks to steveolenski and ElishaNYC who alerted me to this great little gem of a story on twitter.

One response to “Jonathan G. Parker is a dumb fuck!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    our burglars would never have been so stupid as to have left the computer behind…

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