i just won the uk lottery. yup. all one million pounds of it! that’s something like 15 million south african ronds.

i’m rich, i’m rich.

the email arrived in my inbox on thursday. somebody pop the champagne. what makes it even more amazing is that i never even entered. it’s definitely meant to be.

all i have to do is send them all my banking details and my id number, phone numbers, addresses, two passport photos and a small to medium sized cash deposit (to cover the handling fees, of course) and then they’ll deposit the money into my account asap. how lucky am i?

so all this got me thinking about how i should resign, now that i’m filthy stinking rich and i never have to work again. oy pass me another margerita.

one of my favourite people, ‘dummy’ (don’t worry, it’s a term of endearment) sent me this:

i love the email address: smokecock@yourexpense.com

i’m considering it as a possible resignation route. i just need to decide whether to do it now, or wait till the money clears.

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