it's the thought that counts.

it isn’t really. that’s just something we say to be polite. it’s actually the gift that counts. and everybody knows it.

there’s been a lot of talk about gifting this weekend because it was ‘nephew 5’s’ barmitzvah.
(for you yok’s out there, a barmitzvah is a right of passage for a jewish teen, and also a very economically viable commercial venture.)

so, we got chatting about bad gifts. as one does.

when my sister got married our cousins gave them a box of quality street chocolates as a wedding present.
(what do you think ‘pea’? worth adding to your bridal registry?)

not surprisingly just about everyone at the party had a bad gift story. we are in recessionary times after all, and one must make do.

‘aunt c’ told us her daughter got a bar of soap for her engagement party.
i’m never sure about soap as a gift. isn’t it really just an insult or a thinly veiled suggestion wrapped in a bow?

‘bee’ got a ‘Von Zipper’ peak cap for his barmitzvah. however on closer inspection it had a label stitched into it that read: ‘SAMPLE – Not to be sold. Made in Bangladesh.’

better yet, another member of our party got a nightie for her 50th birthday. and when she went to return it, the sales lady told her she couldn’t because it had been bought on sale for 99c.


better any of these stories and i’ll regift something cool for you.

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