Is glass the new black?

It’s Glass Week this week.
Yup this is where you come for random information such as this.

No man, Glass Week, not Grass Week! Flipping reprobates.

It’s a week when we’re all supposed to celebrate the beauty of glass. Not sure we get to take off work for it, don’t think it’s thank kind of holiday. Yet.

Seriously, so let’s raise our glasses to glass.

Whisky comes in it, so it can’t be all that bad.

I’ve been noticing a new trend in gift giving.

Grab a jar, stuff it full of just about anything (marshmellow mice work really well), wrap a ribbon around it and voila, the perfect gift.

It’s a glass half full situation if you ask me.

For animals or humans.
These are on my desk right now. Hello spring.

Happy Glass Week.
Does anyone know when Grass Week is? Or Weed Week, when’s that?
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