Is doing 'the car wash' a dirty sex act I don't know about?

Now this is so bizarre it’s fantastic, and therefore of course right up my alley.

The wonderful Tiah Beautment sent me this link:

it will take you to a piece about a woman who finds a package on her front doorstep.

Inside it is a copy of the runaway hit, chick porno book, Fifty Shades of Grey.

When she opens the book she finds a flyer for a local car wash inside it.

Sheer genius, right! What this marketing idea lacks in relevance, it certainly makes up for with WTF-ness.

As the author of the post points out, perhaps the point is:
So you’ve got a dirty mind, at least have a clean car.

Or I was thinking maybe we’re missing something and a ‘car wash’ is actually also a term for a kinky sex act, you know like ‘water sports’, or ‘tea bagging’? Is it? Any kinky freaks out there know about this?

Or do any of you have any other thoughts as to the potential relevance of Fifty Shades of Grey as a car wash promotion? Please post your ideas in the comments section below. I’d kill to have light shed on this one. And I really don’t want to lie awake all night trying to figure it out.

Thanks times a squillion to Tiah for finding this little gem and knowing I would get a kick out of it.

One response to “Is doing 'the car wash' a dirty sex act I don't know about?”

  1. Unless ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is referring to the fifty shades of filth that is lying on their cars? I prefer the theory about the dirty minds however!

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