invention #1

this invention idea post has been inspired by my friend, colleague and scrabble nemesis – ‘vonk’. he has this blog, here: it’s a stream of ideas that he just posts as he has them. pretty fucking cool if you ask me.

like this is one of his ideas that i think is awesome:

Disconnecting trains

What if trains could disconnect in motion? Imagine a subway line with x number of stops. Now imagine trains in that line had equal number of cars. Each car was labelled with a different stop on that line, in sequence, with the first stop being the last car.

As the train speeds across the line the cars disconnect from behind in sequence with their own braking system to stop at the stop of their designation.

This means every passenger has only one stop per line greatly speeding up their journey.

cool idea hey? so i thought i’d add a new addition to my blog. cos new ideas pop up all over the show, and someone should be writing them down.

case in point: i was doing laps at the pool at the gym on sunday morning, and when i wasn’t perving ‘speedo guy’, (who by the way seems to have only gotten larger in the package department with time – it’s like he’s got a flipping anaconda shoved down there) i was thinking about this:

someone should invent a waterproof digital touchpad thing that goes in the swimming pool, so that every time you finish a length you touch it and it records your length, so you don’t have to keep a mental note of how many lengths you’ve done. which is impossible, particularly when you’re trying to keep an eye on ‘speedo boy’ and count lengths at the same time.

hey if we wanted to get really fancy with this digital touch pad thingy it could also record the time you do each length in. if it was placed underwater with a digital type clock thing you wouldn’t have to stop swimming, you could just touch the wall at the end of every length and as you approach the wall at the end of each length you could see how many lengths you’d done, and how fast you’ve done them in.

or is your invention idea better?

4 responses to “invention #1”

  1. so funny, while walking the never ending treadmill, i thought “how difficult could it be to have a computer thingy on the treadmill that you can put a code into so everybody can record their distance, time etc” come on virgin active, get it together!

  2. that’s a brilliant idea anonymous! and it doesn’t seem like it would be that complicated or impossible.
    and if people didn’t use the system for a certain amount of time then they could just lose their stats.
    there could also be a ranking thingy (no i’m not competitive at all) with all the diff people using the treadmill, so you can see where you rank with speed/kms/frequency of workout etc.

    lol leon, no reason you can’t be vonk anaconda guy.

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