In which Paige gets a little spank by a little stick

I consider myself lucky.

My first book was published in 2010, and my second in 2011, and I’ve had really nice reviews in the media for both books all along, many of which I’ve posted right here. But…

…today I got my very first not so nice review. Or ‘stick’ as they call it.

One must take the good with the bad, right?


You can’t please all the people all the time.


At least someone read my book.

are the three thoughts that instantly come to mind.

Closely followed by…

…wait, I’m sure the reviewer, Ulrike, is my friend on Facebook.


So to be fair, since I show you all the good, I thought I’d best show you all the bad too. Here it is:

click to enlarge

Let’s hope if you haven’t bought the book yet, it makes you rush out to buy it to see if you think she’s right about it or not.

Happy weekend all.

3 responses to “In which Paige gets a little spank by a little stick”

  1. lol, totally. what goes up etc etc… there must be about a million cliche’s we could get into here.

    Must say, I’m kind of touched that she took the time to read it. Just sorry she didn’t enjoy it. Maybe I should send her my first book to try. Or is that just tempting fate?

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